SE LastFM Scrobbler

Audioscrobbler for SonyEricsson MediaPlayer. Requires JP-8.4 or higher
Press Scrobble and minimise the MIDlet, and it will monitor changes to submit tracks that are finished playing.
Login - your LastFM login
Password - your LastFM password
Blacklist - do not scrobble tracks with specified params as artist, title or track value
Update Now Playing - if enabled, the NowPlaying data will be sent.
Work offline (Not recommended) - if enabled, all data will be written to cache.
Maximum cache size is 50 tracks. Cache will be scrobbled after offline mode will be manually disabled.

v0.2 (26.11.11):
Overwritten most source code for better efficiency.
Added blacklist support
Added NowPlaying
Fixed an issue when an empty tagged track was scrobbled.

v0.3 (28.11.11):
Removed ERROR_INTERRUPTED message as gives no useful information for user.
Added a message about possible wrong login or password.
Now the application will be suspended in case or network error during login.

v0.3.1 (03.12.11):
Fixed an NullPointerException when saving an empty blacklist
Fixed an issue when updateNowPlaying was not updated after switching track before 30 secs timed out.

v0.4 (03.12.11):
Fixed an issue when the track was scrobbled at the beginning of playback.
Added cache support. If the network is down or offline mode enabled the application will write to cache.
Added offline mode.

v0.4.1 (02.04.12):
Some diplicates could get into cache. Fixed the issue.

Download SE LastFM Scrobbler v0.4.1 from 21:59:31 02.04.2012
SE LastFM Scrobbler (jad)
SE LastFM Scrobbler (jar)
Sources (zip)

SE LastFM Logger is a modofication with some offline scrobbling functionality.
Enable offline mode and use this version if you want to be able to scrobble your cache from a PC.
Use "Generate log" to generate and XML log that you can send to PC app to scrobble, but don't forget to "Clear cache" after you successfuly scrobbled!"
Alternatively you can send data to PC app via bluetooth in "Send to client" option.

PC app:
Java Runtime 7.

In command prompt:
java -jar LastFM_Cache_Scrobbler.jar [OPTIONS]
OPTIONS can be:
client - to wait for phone to send data and scrobble it directly
path/to/filename.xml - to scrobble lastfm_log.xml (1 or more files) that was generated by phone
e.g: if in the same directory, run java -jar LastFM_Cache_Scrobbler.jar lastfm_log.xml
If no options specified, assuming "lastfm_log.xml" in same directory was specified.
After first run a "srobbler.settings" file will be generated in the same directory application was run from.
The first line should be: your_lastfm_login
The second line: your_lastfm_password

SE LastFM Logger (Java ME) (jar)
LastFM Cache Scrobbler (Linux, Java SE 7) (jar)
LastFM Cache Scrobbler (Windows, Java SE 7) (jar)
SE LastFM Logger (source) (zip)
LastFM Cache Scrobbler (source) (zip)

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